Tim Jackson Photography is Back!
July 5, 2011, 10:39 am
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We have reopened our doors in Los Angeles, CA. We have a new site and a new blog. Please come take a look.



The Neon Bone Yard

This was a shoot we will all remember. Just two days before the move Jewel and James wanted one last session before we left town and booked the famous Neon Bone Yard. It was real exciting because I had been wanting to do a shoot there for years and would finally get there before leaving town. Well lets just say it was one of the most challenging of shoots for all parties involved. It was almost canceled but we decided to rough it out since it was the only opportunity we would have to shoot there. So you can not tell by the photos but the wind was blowing about 50 mph from all directions and this is in the middle of the desert so you can image the beating we were all taking during the shoot. It was one wild sand storm we were in! Thanks for a great time Jewel and James and the memories at the Pepermill Club following. We look forward to seeing you guys in London in the future.


Tim Jackson shooting on location at the Neon Bone Yard.

Tim Jackson shooting on location at the Neon Bone Yard.

John and Hanna: Savannah, Georgia
July 3, 2008, 12:40 pm
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Our first Savannah wedding was at the Forsyth Mansion. It was an intimate event and everyone was dressed to the nines. It was a shorter than most weddings we have shot before but Hanna managed to get all the details she needed to make her day complete. Here are just a few pictures from that day.

Our New Home

So we finally made to Savannah and then we had to leave for an emergency trip, But now we are back! We will soon change our blog so keep a look out for that. After 3 weeks of waiting for our furniture it finally came. Of course we had some stuff broken, dented, and of course just missing all together but most everything came in one piece. Tim and I slept on an air mattress that seemed to deflate as soon as you blew it up.

We had our first wedding in Savannah and it was at the beautiful Forsyth Mansion. Look back later today and I will have put up some photos of the wedding. Also our client Michelle, in case some of you don’t remember she had her 30th birthday in Vegas, she is also owns an event planning company in Atlanta called Lemiga Event Management. She gave her husband a photo shoot for head shots he needed for his acting.

We have lots to start blogging it has been too long. We are going to start with the new house and studio. We plan to have a studio opening in September so keep in mind that we haven’t even begun on the transformation of the studio space.

Of course Tim and Preston on the top deck hanging out together. So cute! Preston likes to get in the hammock. 



Road Trip

Savannah GA here we come. In the next few days we will be on the road driving two cars across ten states pulling a trailer and two kayaks. Luckily we have two wonderful dogs we can trade off to keep each other company during the long drive. I am posting our road map below because everything has been packed and I am outta time to post any new photos but we have a lot of fresh stuff to post real soon. Like our new STUDIO! and look forward to a new look for the blog and Jackson Photography coming soon.

Moving to Savannah</a


Mother’s Day Shoot

On Mother’s Day we had a fun shoot with the soon-to-be mother herself, Marianne, and her husband, Dan. They also brought along their pups, because they of course are family! She is due any day now so time was of the essence. Tim and I had a great time on this shoot. Marianne was up for anything. I was amazed at how great and put together she looked when a baby is due any day. I hope that when it my time I have the same grace so close to the due date. I don’t count on it.

We have a studio!
May 12, 2008, 3:01 pm
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While Tim and I were on our shoot for the wedding in Florida, we went up to Savannah, Georgia for the night and looked for place to live. Tim kept saying that he wanted a studio/store front with living space. I kept saying it is going to almost impossible to find that. Our first realtor left a lot to be desired so we just started to call every number we found that was attached to a place we thought looked like a nice place to live. Tim finally got an agent on the phone, Carol Hixson from Hixson Contractors,  and she made immediate plans to come meet us. She took us around to a lot of different places but they just weren’t right. We then drove by Savannah Dog Park and right around the corner there was a renovated dairy factory. It was like fate. It has studio front and amazing living space! I did joke with Tim that he found the only Vegas looking building in Savannah!


Our new address beginning mid-June is 2424 Drayton Street Unit A, Savannah, Georgia.

Our phone numbers will be changing in the next month and we will post our new information as we get it.

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