The Neon Bone Yard

This was a shoot we will all remember. Just two days before the move Jewel and James wanted one last session before we left town and booked the famous Neon Bone Yard. It was real exciting because I had been wanting to do a shoot there for years and would finally get there before leaving town. Well lets just say it was one of the most challenging of shoots for all parties involved. It was almost canceled but we decided to rough it out since it was the only opportunity we would have to shoot there. So you can not tell by the photos but the wind was blowing about 50 mph from all directions and this is in the middle of the desert so you can image the beating we were all taking during the shoot. It was one wild sand storm we were in! Thanks for a great time Jewel and James and the memories at the Pepermill Club following. We look forward to seeing you guys in London in the future.


Tim Jackson shooting on location at the Neon Bone Yard.

Tim Jackson shooting on location at the Neon Bone Yard.


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Hey Tim – great shots!!! I am contemplating a pre wedding shoot at the boneyard. Did you have to contact the boneyard and reserve time for the shoot? If so, can you share with me the fees charged? Thanks! Diane

Comment by Diane

Great work Tim, I’d like to see more pictures from this session!

Comment by Miguel Mayo

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Comment by createmo

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